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production - manufacturing of perfumed candles

To guarantee the quality and the times of the manufacturing, we adapt our processes of manufacturing to the scented candle to produce. The quality control is carried out with each stage.

The market of the scented candle is relatively fragmented with very variable brands of dimensions. We must adapt us to each one. This is why we have production lines differentiated according to the quantities to produce. Produced quality is however always most demanding and our agents of production attach the same attention to a pre series of 50 parts as to a production of ten thousands of candles.

We are organized around two activities, the pouring and conditioning.

the pouring

The validated formula was recorded in our computer system of production control with all the components necessary to the manufacturing of your candle scented. The laboratory integrated the parameters of manufacturing of the candle such as the order of incorporation of waxes, possible dyes and the perfume or even the temperatures for each stage of melting and pouring. A work order (WO) is emitted for each batch of production which takes again each one of these parameters.

Schematically, four stages follow one another:


You can entrust to us the packaging operations of your candle.

We are able to deal with: