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A deluxe candle, the fruit of French expertise

Every day, we work with small and large brands as we pursue our mission: to create the very best scented candles.

The need for quality

What is a perfect candle? A candle that burns evenly, stays true to perfumes notes and does nothing to alter the wax, all without burning, sweating or smoking. To achieve this degree of perfection, our laboratory tests a wide range of wax mixtures, using a different mixture for each fragrance. The mixtures usually combine eight waxes for one candle in different proportions that vary with the perfume: each new project is a brand new adventure!
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Meticulous candle production by the Manufacture Française de Bougies

Perfume: the soul of your candle

A candle's fragrance creates a special moment that imbues the atmosphere. The secret of these unique olfactory experiences? The extreme sensitivity of our noses and painstaking work of our candle-makers. The quality of a candle, whether lit and unlit, lies in its fragrance. La Manufacture takes a meticulous approach to formulating your scented candle with the goal of intensifying your fragrance’s sillage.

High-quality raw materials for high-quality candles

Our experts put their in-depth knowledge of raw materials to work in selecting premium natural vegetable-based and paraffin waxes and cotton wicks for optimal combustion and a brightly burning flame. Our constant goal is to create candles that guarantee the best possible olfactory result. Which is why our experts apply the highest standards and an unwavering commitment to quality to the process of selecting our raw materials.* *Our raw materials comply with REACH regulations.
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Production secrets

Carefully selected raw materials, a highly detailed olfactory assessment, a panoply of tests and closely controlled production.

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Perfume evaluators

At La Manufacture, perfume is the cornerstone of what we do. Our noses are skilled fragrance experts. They can offer you a wide choice of fragrances from prestigious brands. You've already chosen a perfume? We formulate the composition using your perfume, which will give substance to your candle.

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THE research & development laboratory

Once the perfume has been chosen, the laboratory's task is to optimize the olfactory qualities while complying with all candle safety standards. It also runs specific tests at the client's request.

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The production process has four stages:

1. Weighing the formula's ingredients.
Wax and perfume are weighed to the nearest gram and dyes to the nearest milligram. For certain materials, an error of a single gram could have a damaging effect on how well the candle burns.

2. Melting.
The waxes are melted in special melters designed to resist strictly controlled temperatures.

3. Moulding.
The process for moulding candles takes place just after the perfume is incorporated into the mixture of melted waxes. Once again, temperatures are carefully controlled throughout the process.

4. Cooling.
The cooling process is managed according to precise temperature curves.

The art of using a candle

It is always useful to list the precautions you need to follow to guarantee the safety, quality and durability of your scented candle:

  • leave the candle to burn for at least an hour when first using it so the wicks are infused with paraffin and burn properly. This creates an even pool of liquid wax and ensures that the wax does not get hollowed out afterwards
  • a wisp of smoke may appear when you light the candle
  • we recommend that you leave the candle to burn for 3 or 4 hours at a time
  • reposition the wicks after blowing out the candle
  • regularly cut back the wicks with a wick trimmer (the ideal length is 3 to 5 millimetres) so the candle doesn't smoke
  • préférer l’utilisation d’un éteignoir pour bougie
  • use a candle snuffer
  • never leave a lit candle untended
  • never place a lit candle in a draught or on a glass, wooden or marble surface
  • never move a lit candle or unlit candle that is still hot
  • and, of course, keep your candle out of reach of children.